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hi and welcome to how to day trade on
etoro for beginners today i have an
exciting video for you
for you i am going to be day trading
live on
etoro to show you for beginners how i do
and how you can get started too so
there’s only four minutes till
the nasdaq stock market opens but i’m
going to go quickly to
what my strategy is today so first of
all i go to the nasdaq earning reports
you can search just google nasdaq
earning report every day
and every day there’s earning reports
okay so these are just reports that
what the company has made over the last
so the release is ever every quarter and
you can see here
with the sunshine here this is pre
market so this is what i’m looking for
these stocks so
i researched all these stocks and i look
an interesting stock okay with lots of
volume here
these stocks have lots of volume you see
here these are the biggest companies
but i found a good one charter
inc and that’s who i’m going to be day
trading with today reason why
okay so if i look at the chart six
the highest point here was six six
hundred and fifty one
seventy one and it went down
seventy five dollars so eleven point six
two percent so
i am seeing a lot of gain i can see in
the reason why i’m going to be trading
this stock is because i have that
low point there over the last three to
six months
i’m looking for a stock that it’s at
this low point in the last
three to six months also i’m looking for
a stock that has been rising over the
last five years
so this stock has been gaining over the
last five years
okay for the last six months it has had
and up here so it’s highest point as i
is so it’s down at about 11.62 percent
from its highest point over the last
three months
even 633 is about the average here but
it’s 576. okay what i’m looking at here
it’s up nineteen dollars pre-market
so three point one three percent
i have it’s gonna start out i’m gonna
buy it for about 595.
so i put the order in i’m going to
explain why i choose this stock after
i finish trading but i’ve put the order
in already guys so it’s easy
easy to do you can just go to etaro
so the stock market’s opening in two
minutes so you just go into etoro
you go to the stock today i’m going to
trading with real money so today i’m
just going to trade with 500
or 540 so you can start off small like
i’m doing as you’re learning and then
increase your earnings or increase your
investment over time
so you just put in 540 i’ve already
placed the order
and at market means that you’re you’re
buying a pre-market so
when that market opens you’ll buy at
that price okay
so so i put in that and i for day
trading i don’t put in
take profit and then i just buy now but
i’ve already bought the stock but once
you buy the stock because it’s pre
market you go into your portfolio
and you click on here it’ll show the
history so it’s in i have invested 540
at market so when the market opens and
the current price is 578 but i’m going
to be buying at five
around 595 because it’s up 19
pre market i expect this stock to to go
go down in value a little bit and then
rise up in value okay so don’t worry if
it starts
to see this once it opens you’ll see it
losing a bit but then it
will rise up i’ll sell it after one or
two percent
profit or depending how the stock is
as i said i’m looking for the catalyst
the catalyst for this stock today
for charter communication was the
earning report so all you do to get to
the earning report
is and starter and then earning report
the stock market is just open so i’ll be
going back to that in a moment
but before you start you have to do all
this okay
so okay i’m just i’m just going to go to
charter so now the stock market is open
you’ll see the graph has started okay
it’s 580 let’s see
okay boom it etoro has body executed my
order at 57.
it is five let’s say five sorry
i did the trade markets my portfolio so
my portfolio now will be updated with
that stock that i’m just after buying
charter communication so i bought an
average of 587 which is good okay you
can see
profit loss is minus 5
20. so i expect that to happen so the
the stock will drop in value as it opens
but then it will go back up in value
but you you you can you can wait till
the stock drops
and then buy but for me i’m gonna go
with the flow
here okay so 500 i bought the stock uh
587 so i have to get that rise there
okay so that’s fine i’m just going to
watch this stock here now
okay so usually i i just stay on the
screen and watch the stock but the
reason why i just picked
charter so force go to the nasdaq and
report look for a catalyst a catalyst
is good news or bad news that will
push the stock up in value or down in
value so i’m looking for a stock as i
with that low point in the last three to
six months i said earlier in the video
and then i’m looking for a stock that
has grown over the five years
and i’m looking for a good earning
report and earning per share so the
profits of an up
under air number sharepoint but not only
that but to beat
analysts expectations in in their
earning big share
and their profits over that quarter so
all i did was it came
to google put in charter communication
earning reports
and then click on news the news tab
and you get the earning reports so you
want to start researching this about an
hour before the stock market opens okay
okay so charter communications earn and
beat okay
so which one did i look at today here
so i’m looking for an airline report to
beat beat the analyst expedition so
charter communication came out with
quarterly airlines at 390 per share
okay beating sax consensus estimate of
305 so that’s where i’m looking i’m
looking for the stock to beat the
expectation that means that people will
buy the stock and they’ll go up in value
so it’ll always go up in value if it’ll
beat analysis expectations well
most most of the time and did this
compares to 174 per share last year so
great increase the quarter report
represents their new spies of 26.87
okay a quarter ago expected cable
it’s capable of provider post areas of
255 when
produced okay so it’s up
way up since last quarter okay
and at surprise it beats it it beat
analyst expectations in profits
it’s overall profit so they they analyze
what the profits is going to be for that
that’s quarter and the earning per share
if it beats both of them from the
earning report
then you it’s good time to invest okay
so you can see guys here’s chop and boom
i’m in i’m in profit here guys okay so i
ah let’s go to this screen
so i only look for one to two percent
i’m not greedy
one to two percent each day and once
so i can see here’s going to 174 here so
the more money i’ve invested the more
money you’ll make
i’ve 540 so i’m looking
when this gets to about one to two
percent i’ll sell this okay and close
the trade
and that would be my trade done for
okay so i you can look at the at the
chart here
so you can see here boom that rise up in
value there
okay so 1.3 here guys okay so it went
up to 1.6 here okay okay i could have
sold it there so you want to keep your
eye on the ball here
okay let’s see it’s one i’m up one point
so i could sell it here and get
the six dollars but guys as i’m learning
this is how much i’m invested with
that’s what i i
five hundred dollars you can even start
with two hundred dollars doing this day
it’s written
but start small learn learners and the
is you want to make profits every
over the seven days you need to make
profits for the percentage the high
percentage of this
if you get a loss that’s okay but the
losses have to be less than your
so you you need like six days profitable
and then maybe one day you might get a
loss that’s fine
but overall you need you need that
profit so if you can if you can get six
of the seven days
profitable then you’re doing good or
even five of the seven days okay so it’s
up one point
ten dollars okay will i sell this will i
sell it will it go up anymore
okay don’t don’t wait for okay
so that that that’s probably a mistake
by me i i’m waiting too
too long for the two percent i should
have just stole there
but let’s see if it pops up again if it
pops up to ten dollars i’ll take it
1.42 here
so 7.66 i’m hoping for that to pop up to
the 10
i should have sold there because i’m
only looking for a one or two percent
guys i can sell now
um but for this video come on oh
it’s gonna weigh it on guys should i
have sold at that time
okay it didn’t hit that high point there
did i did i wait too long

i don’t think so guys i think this stock
is going to go back up in value okay
look at it 1.642 1.42
the next next pop-up i’m gonna sell us

go on we know you have us oh
drop down
94 okay 94 okay go go go go
usually i would have sold it at 10 i
don’t know why i didn’t i think that’s
because this video
go on i know i can go up i know i can go
up 1.54

let’s see guys let’s see

1.54 go on i can sell now
and take the profits 1.55

5 5 6.

i’m only holding for this video because
i would have sold earlier on
there we go boom took it
there we go guys ten dollars in
seven minutes work okay so if i had a
five thousand there that would have been
a hundred dollars profit so the more you
you have the more you earn guys
i’m happy with that guys so hope you
enjoyed this if you want to try
um copy trading or um sorry day trading
etoro for beginners you can use virtual
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more videos
so remember go to
and that will bring you to etoro through
my partner link
and that will support the channel link
will be in the description
but i’m just going to go quickly over
what i did guys so if i look at my
it’s sold it’s gone so i’m happy with
that seven minutes worth ten dollars
that’s grace
okay so if i want to look at the history

let’s see it’s in here

so yes so

okay so guys ten dollars in that quick
quick quick time there that was great
for me
so what i do is remember steps again go
to google
type in nasdaq earning report
okay so easy to do and then
the fourth listing will be nasdaq and
report go through all of these stocks
the higher up here means the higher
volume the bigger companies that are
market cap
okay start at the top go through them
all look for a stock that i found
that is over the six months has
high points but this is dropped down to
the low point there so there’s about 10
or mo about 10 percent difference okay
so there’s enough gain there there’s
enough drop there that the market can go
i’m looking for stocks that go up up in
value over the last five years
and then i all i do is type in nasdaq
earning report on google i go to the
news part
i go to charter communications i look
for aaron
beat analysts and expectations okay
so you just go into any of these it’s so
so easy to read they make it simple for
okay charter okay today is friday
okay on friday reported this quarter
earnings of 840 millions on
profit per share its net income of 390.
so you’re looking for the results topped
wall street expectations
the average estimate of 12 analysts
surveyed by sac
investment research was earnings of 305.
so they expected that this the airlines
would be 305 but
but charter communication came out and
blasted that out of the water and got a
390 dollars
earning per share so aired in for each
and then also the good good news too we
also need profits over that share that
that is beaten
2000 the last year 2019 or beaten last
so you need two positives and the cable
were fired
right or posted revenue of 12.004
billion which matched okay
it matched so that was fine okay it once
it matches in this one or gets a little
bit more but
actually they analyzed 12
billion but it went 12.4 so but they got
that massive rise in their earning per
so that was great news but the other
good news
shares increased 19 over the year the
stock has increased 24
okay and also i looked up before you can
deep dive into the
the earning report that the the beat
last quarters
air profits over that um four months
massively so it was great news so there
you go guys the more money i have the
investor so what i’m doing is
and i will invest more money into this
and build up as i learn in there
okay so like and subscribe the video on
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okay hope you enjoyed and see you on the
next video
peace and love