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About Fusion

FUSION has four basic purposes that drive the organization. We are about:

1. Fueling the fires of a national student movement.

2. Working with students – facilitating mission, evangelism and discipleship primarily through cell groups.

3. Serving churches – catalyzing and helping to build local church-based campus work.

4. Developing student workers – training and resourcing all those in student or young adult work.

The outworking of these purposes are based upon the following values:


Working with Students

There is no blueprint for how Fusion works in any given situation. At the heart of the Fusion model are Cells or Small groups incorporating three elements based on the key commands of Jesus:

Love God, Love One Another, Love the World.

Cells provide a place to belong, believe, and behave more like Christ. Centered on Jesus and His Word they are the seedbed for growth and getting the most out of life at the university, forming values in you that will serve a lifetime.

With over 100 Cell outlines available the Bible is applied thoughtfully and thoroughly to the challenges of student life.

Serving Churches

Fusion’s work is integrated with local churches as they provide the context and the covering for local student mission. Fusion seeks to ensure that local churches are well served and well equipped to reach and disciple this generation of students.

We want to promote growth and good practice, so wherever your church is located, we believe it can contribute something to this vision. Connect your church in to this mission opportunity.

Developing Student Workers

We need more church workers who can be part of a network that can provide continuity, clear vision and facilitate sustainable growth year after year. We want to work with churches in seeing more student and young adult workers raised up and released to serve into this mission field.

Fusion Team

 “Fusion is committed to partnering with the local church and providing the training and resources that will mobilize a generation of young people to impact their culture.”

Dave Short | National Team Leader

“I’m happy to help connect you with people, resources and information as you work at campus ministry.”

Cameron Graper | Fusion Networker


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