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Fusion Manual SampleFusion Manual SampleThe first few pages of Module One of the Fusion training manual, with table of contents.Free Download
Fusion Youth SampleFusion Youth SampleA portion of Module One of the Youth Training Manual (answers not included). This manual was developed with the help of youth pastor Chris Puccini.
Fusion Church/Marketplace Manual ExcerptFusion Church/Marketplace Manual ExcerptA portion of Module One of the Church/Workplace Training Manual (answers not included). Module Five also contains two possible breakdowns for meetings in the workplace (not included).Free Download
Ready for AnythingReady for AnythingDescribes the purpose and content of some valuable principles to help high school students prepare for the challenges that will face them at college.$5 Download
Cell Notes about PrayerCell Notes about PrayerA set of four cell lessons explaining different types and purposes of prayer, including petition, intercession, and thanksgiving.Free Download
Strategies for Launching a Cell MinistryStrategies for Launching a Cell MinistrySome potential strategies for starting a cell and finding key people on your campus who share your vision.Free Download
Connecting with the UniversityConnecting with the UniversityThe university is a big place. Navigating the bureaucratic waters can be confusing at first, but learning from others can make the journey easier! This guide from West Coast Chi Alpha will teach you about chartering a new group on campus and how to build bridges with the university community.Free Download
Growing Campus GroupsGrowing Campus GroupsAn excellent source of insight and practical pointers on how to effectively grow a healthy, long-term campus ministry.Free Download
Surveyor: Decoding Your CampusBecause each college and university campus has its own unique personality, every campus ministry must be tailored to fit. Surveyor has been developed as a strategic ministry tool to help you cultivate insights about the campus you are wanting to reach for Christ and convert it into meaningful ministry.Free Download
BIG IMPACTBIG IMPACT“Small Actions With Big Impact Change the World With Love,” an article by Steve Sjogren about practical ways to show God’s love to the world around you.Free Download
Becoming a Student-Friendly ChurchBecoming a Student-Friendly ChurchTips on what you can do to make your church a place that meets the needs of university students and reaches out effectively to the local campus.Free Download
Campus PrayerwalkingCampus PrayerwalkingDefines prayerwalking and gives Biblical examples, inspiration and tips for prayerwalking your campus.Free Download
Triad PrayerTriad PrayerTips for praying together for your pre-Christian friends.Free Download
Key to Community: DelegationKey to Community: DelegationThe importance of learning to hand things off to other students in the ministry.Free Download
MultiplicationMultiplicationPrinciples on how to keep your cell group outward-focused.Free Download
The Role of the CoachThe Role of the CoachWhat should a coach focus on in order to keep his team healthy.Free Download
Green Food for CoachesGreen Food for CoachesThe importance of coaching, characteristics of coaches and the role of a cell coach. Part I: By Eric Lerew. Part II: By Campus Crusade. Both parts are included in this file.Free Download
Tag Cards (front and back)Tag Cards (front and back)Do a random act of kindness for someone when they least expect it, especially a stranger. Then hand that person a TAG card. They in turn, pass it along to someone else after doing something kind for them.Free Download
Tag You’re It PosterTag You’re It Poster“Tagging” is about showing the love of God for people with no strings attached. To tag someone, do something kind for a stranger when they least expect it. Encourage them to pass on the kindness. Hang this poster up at school and invite curiosity.Free Download
Are students losing their faith on campus?Are students losing their faith on campus?A look at a true story of a young girl who walks away from God, even though her parents did “all the right things.”Free Download
The Lion, the Witch and the College CampusThe Lion, the Witch and the College CampusC.S. Lewis and making the transition from high school to college. From the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. ( Download
Why are teens leaving the church?Why are teens leaving the church?A great discussion of parents, students and youth leaders. Very informative.Free Download
Colleges ward off parentsColleges ward off parentsHelicopter Parents? Some schools are having to respond to cultural trends of the family.Free Download
College TransitionCollege TransitionA profile of youth group kids post-youth-group.Free Download
God is an Elephant?God is an Elephant?David Horner examines the Blind Men and the Elephant philosophic argument in philosophy of religion.Free Download
NY Times, Faith Growing on Campuses.NY Times, Faith Growing on Campuses.Even the secular world is noticing a different “hunger” in this college generation.Free Download
Conversations for the College BoundConversations for the College BoundPart of the difficulty in transitioning from high school to college is uncertainty. The principles in this article provide a clear sense of what to expect in college before they get there.Free Download
Where to BeginWhere to BeginYou want to minister to international students, but where do you begin? Here are a list of ideas to get you started.Free Download
Our WitnessOur WitnessWhat does it mean to be a witness to an international student? Learn how your witness can be effective in showing students who Jesus is and what He means to their lives.Free Download
Wordless BookWordless BookThe wordless book is a series of drawings which help to express the concepts of the gospel without language barriers. Instructions are included.Free Download
Drawing the NetDrawing the NetSuggestions for how to bring international students to a decision about the gospel following a Bible study series. This was written with the Storyteller’s Bible Study in mind. Storytellers Bible Study is available from Multilanguage Media or from Download
Friendship Program Quick Start GuideFriendship Program Quick Start GuideSimple instructions for church volunteers who want to know how to get started matching international students with American friendship partners.Free Download
Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Families)Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Families)This brochure briefly explains the goals and expectations of partnering with an international student. A good resource for for a church or ministry just beginning a friendship program.Free Download
Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Students)Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Students)This brochure describes for the student what it is like to be involved in a friendship with an American family. This resource is good for recruitment or orientation of students in a friendship partner program.Free Download
Friendship Partner ApplicationFriendship Partner ApplicationSample of an application a church can use for American host families who want to be matched with an International student. Gather as much information as will help you make compatible matches.Free Download


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