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“Ask of me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.” – Psalm 2:8 NIV


Creating a vision for campus ministry in your church and initiating prayer for your local college.

Practical Compass ideas or insights:

  • Visit and prayer walk (or run) the campus: A pastor and/or a couple other people prayer walk the campus asking “Where are you already moving, God, and what should we do?”
  • Campus prayer group: A small group of people gather for prayer at the church or in homes or near the college, asking God to begin moving on campus.
  • Campus becomes part of church mission: The church makes the campus part of its budget in anticipation of a campus-focused ministry.
  • Commission campus missionaries: As students begin to attend the church, pray over them and release them as missionaries to the campus.
  • Decode the campus: Use the Surveyor material to decode and understand the spiritual, social and physical landscape of the campus you are wanting to reach.

Compass related websites:

Student volunteer movement In 1806, God used a Haystack to change the world! It began with a group of five college students that gathered for prayer and had read the great commission and believed that the words were for them.

Campus America is a prayer initiative of 24-7 that seeks to bring an awakening of Christ-centered and mission minded prayer across the universities of America.

Campus Renewal Ministries seeks to promote and advance the overall prayer movement on campuses and overall hope for revival and transformation on campuses.

The Call is a movement emphasizing prayer, worship and fasting for Spiritual breakthrough. It is a nameless and faceless movement joining the generations. The primary participants are young people.

Below are some helpful resources to assist you in the area of praying for your campus. For a complete list of the Fusion resources available on this site please see our materials page.


Cell Notes about PrayerCell Notes about PrayerA set of four cell lessons explaining different types and purposes of prayer, including petition, intercession, and thanksgiving.Free Download
Surveyor: Decoding Your CampusBecause each college and university campus has its own unique personality, every campus ministry must be tailored to fit. Surveyor has been developed as a strategic ministry tool to help you cultivate insights about the campus you are wanting to reach for Christ and convert it into meaningful ministry.Free Download
Campus PrayerwalkingCampus PrayerwalkingDefines prayerwalking and gives Biblical examples, inspiration and tips for prayerwalking your campus.Free Download
Triad PrayerTriad PrayerTips for praying together for your pre-Christian friends.Free Download


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