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The Fusion team has established five workable strategies to use as launching pads or entry points for the local church to begin connecting with the campus. If you would like to know more on how to develop these strategies in more detail please feel free to contact us:

COMPASS STRATEGY [praying on campus]
Creating a vision for campus ministry in your church and initiating prayer for your local college.

COMMUNITY STRATEGY [social gatherings]
Organizing informal social activities that focus on building authentic relationships with pre-Christians in a non-threatening environment.

CROSS-CULTURAL STRATEGY [international students]
Creating relationship-centered outreach to international students, from hosting meals and holidays to helping with cultural adjustments.

CELL STRATEGY [small groups]
Developing effective mission-focused small groups on or off campus.

COMPREHENSIVE STRATEGY [large group gatherings]
Launching a weekly, biweekly or monthly on-campus large group gathering


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