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“When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you; you shall love him as yourself.” Lev 19:33-34 NASB


Creating relationship-centered outreach to international students, from hosting meals and holidays to helping with cultural adjustments.

Practical Cross-Cultural ideas or insights:

  • Contact the International office on campus and offer your assistance. I.E. Airport shuttle, particpate in cultural holiday fair…
  • Start an English conversation group.
  • Host a traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meal since most International Students do not go home over breaks.
  • Implement a Friendship Partner Program.

Cross-Cultural related websites:

One more friend Chi Alpha’s web site geared toward reaching International Students.

Open Doors provides statistics as to what countries are represented on campuses.

International Students Inc. – An organization for orientation of the church and international student culture.

Multi-Language Media – Foreign language Christian resources.

Alpha ESOL –  The Alpha course has become the way to explore the meaning of life around the world.  Alpha for ESOL provides a slower paced version of the course with simplified English designed for people where English is not their first language.

Below are some helpful resources to assist you in the area of reaching out to international students on your campus. For a complete list of the Fusion resources available on this site please see our materials page.


Where to BeginWhere to BeginYou want to minister to international students, but where do you begin? Here are a list of ideas to get you started.Free Download
Our WitnessOur WitnessWhat does it mean to be a witness to an international student? Learn how your witness can be effective in showing students who Jesus is and what He means to their lives.Free Download
Wordless BookWordless BookThe wordless book is a series of drawings which help to express the concepts of the gospel without language barriers. Instructions are included.Free Download
Drawing the NetDrawing the NetSuggestions for how to bring international students to a decision about the gospel following a Bible study series. This was written with the Storyteller’s Bible Study in mind. Storytellers Bible Study is available from Multilanguage Media or from Download
Friendship Program Quick Start GuideFriendship Program Quick Start GuideSimple instructions for church volunteers who want to know how to get started matching international students with American friendship partners.Free Download
Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Families)Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Families)This brochure briefly explains the goals and expectations of partnering with an international student. A good resource for for a church or ministry just beginning a friendship program.Free Download
Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Students)Friendship Partner Program Brochure (Students)This brochure describes for the student what it is like to be involved in a friendship with an American family. This resource is good for recruitment or orientation of students in a friendship partner program.Free Download
Friendship Partner Program Training ManualFriendship Partner Program Training ManualHow to develop an international student ministry that matches students with American friendship partners. Includes step-by-step instructions and a full appendix of materials.Electronic Download: $30
Friendship Partner ApplicationFriendship Partner ApplicationSample of an application a church can use for American host families who want to be matched with an International student. Gather as much information as will help you make compatible matches.Free Download
Church Bulletin AnnouncementsChurch Bulletin AnnouncementsSuggestions for short blurbs churches can include in the bulletin for advertising friendship partner opportunities.Free Download
Church Friendship Partner PosterChurch Friendship Partner PosterHang this poster at church or use it for inspiration for your own poster. Used to inform people about the friendship partner ministry.Free Download


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